How Blink can transform your frontline organization


Take away complexity

Transform productivity by putting everything the frontline needs – from paystubs to scheduling and even critical documents – in one easy-to-use app


Revolutionize service

Engage and inform frontline staff so that they deliver outstanding service, driving revenue and reputation


Transform management

From onboarding to shift swapping, make frontline management consistent and transparent

Mobile phone with example screens
Transform productivity by putting everything the frontline needs – from paystubs to scheduling and even critical documents – in one easy-to-use app

Defeat dissatisfaction

Use surveys and analytics to get real-time engagement data, so you can build on positive trends and spot warning signs early


Attract the best

Build a culture that attracts frontline talent, with engagement that creates a great place to work


Deliver digital transformation

Give your frontline the same world-class digital solutions that desk-based workers enjoy

"I speak on behalf of the whole company here. Blink has been a real lifesaver; we couldn’t have managed without it. "

Eric Eijgenhuijsen, Group Technology Director · Metroline

What over 250 frontline organizations are achieving with Blink

increase staff satisfaction

reduction in attrition

increase in self-service

reduction in helpdesk calls

survey response rates

How Blink works

Blink's frontline app helps you take three simple steps to creating the kind of employee experience that revolutionizes your business

1. Enable

Give your frontline the tools, information and inspiration they need to go above and beyond

Bring digital transformation to the frontline with paystubs, reporting and critical documents to make the day job easier.

2. Engage

Give your frontline instant access to the news, people and information they need to feel part of the team

Blink delivers a social media-like Feed experience and secure group Chats, creating seamless connection for the whole organization

3. Understand

Use data and insights you need to make the best decisions for your teams

Blink's engagement analytics and surveys give leaders the ability to finally get real-time insight into frontline reality

Discover how Blink supports every team

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Blink. And everyone's free to get on with the real job.

Most efforts to connect with the frontline fail because they’re not relevant to frontline life. From intranets to paper memos, these initiatives ask for engagement, but they haven’t earned it.    

Blink’s approach is based on the idea that to get someone to pay attention, you offer them something that they need.  

So we put everything the frontline needs – from paystubs to scheduling and even critical documents – in one easy-to-use app. That’s what makes frontline workers open it seven times a day, transforming the opportunity for leaders to engage. 

"The very thing that I thought was going to complicate my life has actually simplified it. "

Amy Sutton, Personal Care Attendant · Elara Caring

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"I’m not sure how we would have coped over the past two weeks without Blink. For direct colleague engagement and for pushing out priority messages it’s been invaluable."

Matt Kitchin · Stagecoach

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"The engagement of our frontline staff has gone through the roof since we introduced Blink. It’s fabulous - one of the best things we have done here."

Kylie, Director of Communications · State Transit

"If you want to be ahead of the curve in how you handle internal communications, Blink is absolutely the way to do it."

Christi Krizman, Director of Organizational Development and Training · Promises Behavioural Healthcare

"Blink has been a game-changer for our internal communications and it allows our staff to feel a real part of their workplace community."

Sandy, Marketing Communications Manager · Horizon Energy Group

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