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Frontlines thrive on Blink

Effective Comms

You'll be able to reach everyone with key updates! Your CEO will be happier, and your life will be easier.

Stronger Culture

Your people will feel more connected to your mission and values, which means customers or patients will feel the benefits too.

Improved Wellbeing

Connect your people to each other and helpful resources, so everyone feels supported.

Higher Productivity

Digital experiences and increased self-service, enables everyone to get more done.

"Blink gives you the opportunity to engage your people, to attract and retain talent, so you can offer more than just pay."

Ron Harper, CEO · JFE Shoji Power

Blink. And there’s no more them and us.

With a connected employee experience, watch your culture thrive.

Frontline leaders on Blink

Matt Kitchin headshot
"I’m not sure how we would have coped over the past two weeks without Blink. For direct colleague engagement and for pushing out priority messages it’s been invaluable."

Matt Kitchin · Stagecoach

Headshot of Hank Vigil
"The engagement of our frontline staff has gone through the roof since we introduced Blink. It’s fabulous - one of the best things we have done here."

Kylie, Director of Communications · State Transit

"If you want to be ahead of the curve in how you handle internal communications, Blink is absolutely the way to do it."

Christi Krizman, Director of Organizational Development and Training · Promises Behavioural Healthcare

"Blink has been a game-changer for our internal communications and it allows our staff to feel a real part of their workplace community."

Sandy, Marketing Communications Manager · Horizon Energy Group


Simpler, more effective Internal Communications

News Feed. Bring the whole company together with a News Feed that's fun, familiar, and easy to use.

Featured Content. Important comms and campaigns can rise above the day-to-day, amplifying your culture.

Critical Comms. Priority Posts means your message always gets through, or ask for attestation with Mandatory Reads.

Flexibility and Control. Decide permissions for who creates content, disable comments, add notifications, and create topics for categories of content.


Everything your people need, in one place

Digital Front Door. One-click access to all the apps your team needs every day, from scheduling and paystubs to HRIS and benefits.

Frictionless Access. Open apps from Blink without the need to re-enter passwords.

Content Management System. Upload files and create pages to keep teams informed, wherever they are. Or, just connect Blink with M365/Sharepoint and we'll bring content in auto-magically.

Forms. With digital forms, say goodbye to paper. Created using our form designer, or seamlessly integrate with your existing form solution.


Understand your people and optimize your content

Content analytics. Analyze reach, see what content is resonating with different audiences, identify trending posts.

Engagement analytics. Understand patterns in engagement, see the 'hot spots' and 'cold spots' of engagement in your organization.

Surveys. Blink has integrated multi-question and pulse surveys. Or we integrate with your existing provider. Either way, customers see 3x response rates.

Integrated AI

Intelligence that elevates culture, communications and equity

Blink Assist. Suffering with writers block? Blink Assist is an GPT-enabled writing assistant, that creates memorable, readable content with just the right tone.

Featured Posts. Intelligent content delivery, that displays the right post at the right time. Make sure everyone sees the most important content.

Realtime Translation. Automatically translate content between over 100 languages, so everyone can participate and be part of the conversation.

Employee Experience Management

Deliver a modern, personalized experience that amplifies your brand

Customized look & feel. Create an experience that matches your brand, including different branding for different divisions.

Personalised experience. You people will see the apps, content, files, folders, pages and news specific to their role, location, job, manager or group membership.

The right content, automatically. Syncronized user profiles and group membership with your existing HR platform or other data sources.

Frontline & Deskless Workers

Finally, an app deskless workers want to engage with every day

Deskless workers are notoriously hard to reach and engage.

We specialise in connecting every worker, with over 87% of Frontline Workers choosing to engage with Blink.

Speak with our of our specialists to find out how we've been able to achieve the highest mobile activation rates in the industry, with consistent and sustained adoption.

"Exceptional! The frontline workers now express themselves which we never saw before. An amazing bit of kit!"

Leon Roche · Dominos

Blink. And everyone gets the message.

Mobile-first. Desktop too.

Our super-app works alongside our web, desktop and tablet apps. So you can meet your people where they are.

Keep it Simple

Blink's unique, award-winning design means it's fast and easy for anyone to use, with no training required.

Flexible, Frictionless Onboarding

On-boarding the way you want it; SMS, personal/work email, IDP integration, single sign-on, QR codes, and much more.

No Coding

Anyone can setup and manage Blink. Ready to go in minutes, customizable forever.

"Exceptional! The frontline workers now express themselves which we never saw before. An amazing bit of kit!"

Leon Roche · Dominos

Over 250 organizations have already transformed engagement and amplified their culture with Blink.


Reduction in turnover


Increase in employee satisfaction


Survey response rates


Reduction in helpdesk calls

See how Elara transformed the experience of 30,000 deskless workers

See how Elara transformed the experience of 30,000 deskless workers

See what Blink can do for your organization

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