A simple communication solution that does it all.

Blink’s intranet features are just one piece of a fully customizable mobile intranet dashboard designed to keep frontline employees in the know and fully engaged, so they can work smarter and be more productive. Personalized messaging feeds exist side by side with collaborative tools, updates, documents, and more.

Blink is not just another app with basic intranet features. It is an information repository combined with a messaging tool, plus a place to store, sort, and access. It’s also an HR tool kit and an automation hub for digitizing paper-based processes.


Targeted, rich multi-media content that brings your people closer together.


Keep tabs on every app, file and system in the same place. 


Get quick answers to questions in real-time and access anyone, anywhere, without a company email.


One-click, passwordless access to any workplace tool via Single Sign-On.

Blink is not 'just another app.' Blink is the only app.

Blink has won many awards for its simple, intuitive user experience. But that doesn't mean it's light on detail. The app is jam-packed with hundreds of little features that will put a smile on your face. And we carefully design each one with one goal in mind: making your day-to-day life easier.

And that's just the beginning...


Get a consolidated view of every user and team, email and mobile. 


Create and distribute forms and surveys using the tools you already love, like Typeform.


Brand the app to make it yours. Your company's DNA, shining through in every detail.

Micro Apps

Tiny systems designed to do one thing really well, making your digital workplace feel like home.


Publish beautiful, engaging content, and polish like a professional with our editing toolkit.


Transparent, digestible data: stop wondering where you stand with your workforce, and know instead.

Microsoft 365

All the power, none of the confusion. Access the most popular apps, seamlessly, in Blink.

Mandatory reads

Your ticket to compliance. Users 'acknowledge' each post, leaving you a full audit trail.

On-Demand Translation

Translate content across the app to your chosen language in just one click.


We support over 14 different languages (and counting!) Choose yours when you set up/


Nothing moves faster than video. Create and share your own footage natively in the app.

Featured posts

Boost high-priority news or celebrate success by pinning posts for a number of days.


Supercharge Blink by blending it with the apps you already use, accessible with one click.

Notification controls

Make only the most urgent notifications interrupt you – the rest can wait.

Share locations

Whether you want to share your current location or a meeting point, it couldn't be easier.

User roles

Make sure everyone only sees what they need, when they need it.

Featured content

Highlight the most vital content front and centre, so everyone knows where to find what.


Want to post from a group rather than an individual? This is how you do it.


From celebrating with confetti to deciding who makes the tea, you've got the (super) power.


Like group chats for work, channels are topics people can join and leave as they wish.


Highlight messages that you want to go back to at a later date.


Alert those who haven't read something without bothering those that have.

Shared media

Head over to a user's profile, or a group, to find media shared between you.


Check out a preview of whatever link you click on – before you open it.

Report content

Report unsuitable content wherever you see it, sending it straight to an admin for review.


Not quite ready to post? Put it in the diary for the future, at any date or time.

Edit after posting

From typos to formatting, hop back into your post anytime to rectify whatever you need.

Universal Search

Unearth documents, emails, messages, data – without scrolling or digging.


Get quickfire opinions from your team with native, bite-sized polls.

Kiosk mode

Seamless and secure access on shared computers.

Experience Blink for yourself

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