Post targetted multi-media content that brings people closer.

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Keep tabs on every app, file and system in the same place. 

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Get answers to questions in real-time and access anyone, anywhere, without a company email.

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Access any tool in seconds with Single Sign-On.


There's so much more to Blink.

Our app is awarded and praised for its simplicity and intuitiveness, but that doesn't mean it's light on features. The app is jam-packed with hundreds of little features to make the lives of you and your workforce easier than ever.


Get a consolidated view of every user and team, email and mobile. 

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Create and distribute forms and surveys using your existing tools to create and distribute forms and surveys around your organization.

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Use your Brand assets to completely transform Blink into a tool your users will really identify with your brand from the moment they join you on Blink.

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Publish beautiful & engaging content.

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Take a deep dive into the numbers to find out what's working, and what isn't.

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Mandatory Reads

Blink Intranet app makes sure everyone reads important updates and compliance messages.


Create and share video natively on the app.

Featured Posts

Boost high-priority news or celebrate success.

Notification controls

Stay in control of your notifications and make sure that only important messages interrupt you.

Share locations

Whether you want to share your current location or a meeting point. We've made that easy.

User roles

Ensure people have the right level of access by defining user roles.

Share hub content

All content can be shared directly from the Admin Portal or using share links.

Share links

Everything stored in Hub comes with a unique link that can be used to share the content with others on the platform.

Featured content

Highlight the most important content at every level of Hub.


Sometimes content is better coming from a group rather than an individual. Select to publish under an alias.


From celebrating with confetti cannons to deciding who makes the tea, Superpowers enable you to do more in chats.


Like group chats, Channels membership is based on the members of a team who can come and go as they wish.


Highlight parts of or entire messages to store them for a later date.

Remind your audience

Make sure that everyone reads important information by sending reminders only to users who haven't yet read it.

Shared content

Head over to a user's profile to find things shared between the two of you.


Coming soon - Update your status to let others know when you are and when you're not available. You can even opt to sync this with your calendar.

Link previews

All links in Blink generate a link preview, letting users know more about the thing they're clicking on.

Report content

Any user can report content that they deem to be unsuitable. This is then sent to an administrator for review.


Create and then line up posts to be posted at a later date or time.

Edit after posting

Once posted, any typos or mistakes can easily be rectified by the author.


Easily lay your hands on documents, emails, messages, application data... anything. Wherever it’s hiding, you’ll find it.

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