How Blink works

Blink's frontline app helps you take three simple steps to creating the kind of employee experience that revolutionizes your business

1. Enable

Give your frontline the tools, information and inspiration they need to go above and beyond

2. Engage

Give your frontline instant access to the news, people and information they need to feel part of the team

3. Understand

Use data and insights you need to make the best decisions for your teams


Blink. And everyone’s free to get on with the real job.  

Make paystubs and schedules digitalized and available without extra logins

Use digital forms to make claiming expenses and mileage easy, and to make incident reports seamless

Give your frontline single-sign-on access to your other tools - like Workday or ADP - without needing new passwords

Customize to fit your tech stack through our integrations

Give your frontline everything they need at the touch of a button


Blink. And everyone has a voice.

Share and respond to stories with a social media-like Feed

Connect team members and groups through secure chats

Share critical information and ensure it's seen through Mandatory Reads

Celebrate and recognize great work.

Bridge the gap between executives, management and the frontline

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"There was no way for me to just quickly reach everybody who didn't have an email, which is majority of the workforce. Blink has helped us solve our issues with reaching our frontline staff through an accessible and easy piece of technology. "

Brittney Schlachter, Communication Specialist · The Rapid


Blink. And your finger’s on the pulse.  

Dig deep into what makes your workers tick – with rich data on employee engagement, satisfaction, retention, and more.

See what content performs best, and when, with trending posts and topics.

Ask questions with tools you already use (like Typeform), or get answers to critical questions quickly with in-app surveys.

Learn about problems that frontline workers are facing faster — so you can solve them faster, too.

Stop guessing and know what's going on.

How Blink can revolutionize your organization


increase in staff satisfaction


reduction in turnover


increase in survey responses

Partnering with frontline organizations every step of the way

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What could you and your workforce achieve with Blink?

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