Manual user management is error-prone and labor-intensive.

Seamlessly automate user information from your HRIS platform to streamline the process of importing, updating, and deactivating within seconds.

Automatic access to Blink

When you join Blink, your team joins Blink. As if they've always been there.

Fully automated processes

No more manual uploads of users. Save time on user account management activities such as enabling, disabling, moving or deleting user accounts.

Don't worry about leavers

People who leave an organization lose their content and access to Blink instantly.

Get your people in sync with Azure Active Directory.

Onboarding and offboarding just got a whole lot easier. Make user creation and de-provisioning a breeze by synchronizing Blink and Azure in real-time. Reduce the strain on your IT team and relax in the knowledge that all profile data is accurate and up-to-date, no matter what.

Dynamic teams

Redefining access for the frontline.

Give access to the people, processes, communications, and applications frontline workers need.

Dynamic Teams is a simple to use, rule-based engine that, once set up, means users will be automatically added and removed from a team as they join and leave the company or move from one job to another.

Once synced with your database, Dynamic Teams will give each individual access to the systems, tools and communications that are relevant to them, their teams and location.

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