Find and connect with anyone.

Our simple, visual directory, makes getting to know your people easier. Find and connect with your teammates in one click.

Customizable, content-rich profiles.

Content-rich user profiles make building relationships super easy. It's easy for you to find people based on their name, job title, location, department, line manager, skills, contact information, and more.

Always up-to-date.

By unlocking the power for users to update their own profile information you can help to ensure that all data in the directory is reliable and up to date.

To prevent accidental changes to key information, Administrators have the power to lock certain profile fields.

Organization charts made simple.

We've made setting up and digesting organizational structure easy, breaking it down into small chunks.

Find out who each user reports to and who reports to them from their profile.

Segment users with Blink Teams.

Teams ensure that everyone gets access to the right things at the right time.

Set up and manage your own teams from within Blink, or sync teams from your existing HR system.

Wave goodbye 👋 to manual user administration with Active Directory sync.

Automatically synchronize organization units and selected groups from Active Directory.

So when new people join and others leave your organization, you only need to update their status in one system.

And there's more...


Mark contacts as favorites for quicker access to your direct chat.

Hide contact details

Don't want just anyone to see your email or phone number? Flick a switch and hide them from your profile.

Shared media

Head over to a user's profile, or a group, to find media shared between you.

User roles

Make sure everyone only sees what they need, when they need it.

Profile permissions

Admins can prevent users from updating certain profile fields to prevent accidental changes to key information.

Team admins

Assign admins to each team who can then moderate and manage that team.

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