Recognize hard work

Make employees feel valued.

Colleague Recognition (aka Kudos) provides an easy way to make your employees feel valued in a meaningful, personalized way. You can mark anything worth remembering, recognizing, or celebrating on the Blink newsfeed in seconds!

How to give Colleague Recognition on Blink

A few simple steps.

Start by adding the feature to the Blink Hub through the admin portal, and convert it into a quick link.

When you want to recognize or appreciate an employee, click or tap ‘colleague recognition.’ You’ll see a standard set of awards available which can be customized based on the user's needs: thank you, you’re a star, work anniversary, congratulations...

Personalize your recognition with any notes. Then choose the individual or team (or both) that you want to share this with.  

Preview and send. You can still edit after posting.

Promote appreciation

Create a culture of appreciation.

Small, meaningful expressions of gratitude throughout your workforce will make a difference. Acknowledgment, recognition, appreciation – spread it today with Blink.

"We get a chance to talk to the bosses we don’t typically hear from. It’s nice to know we’re appreciated."

Tammy Hendrickson · Carer

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