No computer access? No problem

Desktop computers can be in short supply on a building site. The result? A large chunk of your workforce who feel ignored by your organization’s structure. A mobile solution helps you reach your workforce wherever they are. Blink’s employee engagement app gives you the tools you need to achieve that.

For construction professionals

  • Simplified admin: equipment manuals, materials order forms, and invoice templates at your fingertips

  • Instant communication: Blink’s employee directory and instant messaging features make it easy to get a message across site immediately

  • Easy access to documentation: Keep your equipment manuals, materials order forms, invoice templates, and other important documentation in the Hub so everyone knows exactly where it is when they need it

  • Your personalized feed:

For construction businesses

  • Accurate reporting: Flag broken equipment, materials shortages, and other onsite incidents immediately

  • Reach employees in real-time: The instant messenger and directory gives immediate access to any employee, on or off-site

  • Digitize paper processes: Save time and money by letting employees submit forms, update their details, and view their rotas 

  • A better employee experience: Blink lets you celebrate employee achievements, reward staff, and bring everyone closer together

Blink offers:

Paperless admin

Complete those boring-but-necessary housekeeping tasks with a couple of taps

Instant communication within teams

Instant Messaging keeps everyone informed, all the time

Real-time reporting

Form builders and integrations help you fix the problem as soon as it happens

A better employee experience

Increase productivity and reduce turnover with Employee Engagement features

Over 250 organizations have already transformed engagement and amplified their culture with Blink.


Average app opens per day


Increase in approval ratings


Saved in turnover costs.

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