For hospitality staff

  • Paperless admin: digitize lengthy paper-based processes like booking leave, updating personal details, and completing basic safety training

  • Secure messaging: Speak to colleagues in real-time, anytime – no email address or phone number required

  • Stay informed: Immediate access to training manuals, menus, maintenance info, uniform order forms, and other key documents

  • Your personalized feed: Only see what's relevant to you

For hospitality organizations

  • Reduce agency fees: Save time and money with our shift booking tool

  • Keep everyone up-to-date: Flag important updates with push notifications and 'acknowledge' feature

  • Real-time communication: Reach any employee instantly, from anywhere

  • Protect your staff: Eliminate paper-based transfarence risks with digitized business processes

  • Better customer outcomes: Engaged, informed employees provide better service

Blink offers:

Paperless admin

Complete those boring-but-necessary housekeeping tasks with a couple of taps

Instant communication within teams

Instant Messaging keeps everyone informed, all the time

Real-time reporting

Form builders and integrations help you fix the problem as soon as it happens

A better employee experience

Increase productivity and reduce turnover with Employee Engagement features

Over 250 organizations have already transformed engagement and amplified their culture with Blink.


Average app opens per day


Increase in approval ratings


Saved in turnover costs.

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