Take manufacturing employee engagement to the next level.

Blink is a native mobile employee engagement app designed specifically for workforces that don’t have 24/7 access to a computer...or even a company email account.

Think all your lengthy HR processes rolled into a few taps on a smartphone screen. Think time saved on accessing rotas, filing workplace reports, looking for the right paperwork. But...think bigger than that too.

Designed as a familiar, social media-style feed that your factory workers will be able to pick up immediately, Blink brings your organization closer to your manufacturing workforce, and your manufacturing workforce closer to your organization.

It’s all about being a part of something bigger. Being able to interact with the wider company digitally—to discuss key company updates, shout about their own hard work, and share in the successes of others—helps your employees feel like part of something bigger.

No computers needed.

None of your factory workers can check their company email whenever they want. Many won’t have a company email address at all. This means that traditional internal comms channels like email newsletters and (let’s face it, outdated and clunky) intranet sites can’t reach them, and you rely on key updates trickling down.

Understandably, this makes your employees—ironically those at the center of everything your company does—feel overlooked. So they switch off. They do the job until something better comes along. Then they leave.

Blink helps you avoid this drain by reaching your entire workforce equally, using the one thing they’re almost all guaranteed to have... their smartphone. Keep your most recent factory floor hire as up-to-date as your head office workers using an easy-to-use interactive feed, instant messaging features, and real-time push notifications.

Move all your internal comms to one channel.

There isn’t a single HR team in the world that relishes repeatedly sending the same message out over several different channels, desperately hoping that something gets through.

Writing the newsletter, then updating the intranet site, then stuffing printouts in weekly pay packets, then asking local managers to update their site notice boards is a productive use of no-one’s time, particularly when there are easier, faster, and more reliable ways of reaching your workforce.

Blink offers:

Paperless admin

Complete those boring-but-necessary housekeeping tasks with a couple of taps

Instant communication within teams

Instant Messaging keeps everyone informed, all the time

Real-time reporting

Form builders and integrations help you fix the problem as soon as it happens

A better employee experience

Increase productivity and reduce turnover with Employee Engagement features

Change your workplace culture for good.

Because they’re not often not engaged with the wider organization, manufacturing workers tend to come and go relatively quickly.

You could shrug your shoulders and accept this, just like many of your competitors do. Or you could do better.

Employees that see themselves as a well-appreciated part of something bigger are happier in their work—and happier employees are more likely to stay in their roles, being more productive whilst doing so.

In other words, investing in employee engagement for your manufacturing team will cut down drastically on hiring costs, and result in a workforce that hits deadlines reliably, produces quality goods, and, by extension, makes you more profit. 

Keep your eyes on ROI.

Currently, your employees spend a fair amount of in-work time completing necessary-but-boring HR tasks. They don’t like this (it’s boring) and neither do you (they could be doing something better).

This is especially true if you are using paper based processes. Everything needs to be done in-person, or over the phone. This takes far more time than sending an email.

Blink cuts the time they need to spend on these tasks down to seconds. Just a few taps of the thumb, and it’s sorted or filed, or sent to the relevant person for approval, and your factory workers can get back to doing what they do best.

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