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For drivers

  • Optimized routes: Arrive at work ready to drive, rather than having to speak to a controller or check in a book

  • Secure messaging: Speak to colleagues in real-time, anytime – no email address or phone number required

  • Stay informed: Share shift schedules, road closure updates, and assignment changes

  • Your personalized feed: Only see what's relevant to you


of drivers recommend Blink

Every single driver said that they would recommend Blink to a colleague.


weekly active users

91% of Stagecoach users actively use Blink every single week.


app opens

The average amount of app opens a day.

For transit companies

  • Go paperless: Digitize route risk assessments, near miss reports, time off requests, and employee reviews

  • On-the-go manuals: Give workers access to user manuals so engineers that visit faulty vehicles have the documents they need to fix issues in the palms of their hands

  • Accurate reporting: Drivers can file accident reports on-site and outage updates en-route

  • A better customer experience: Engaged drivers give excellent service

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You can try Blink Intranet free for 14 days. We’re confident your entire team will love Blink. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll return every penny you've paid.