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Stagecoach and Blink

Love driving again

Supercharge employee engagement

Well-informed drivers are happy drivers. Keep them updated about road closures, dangerous conditions and assignment changes. Scrap tedious paper processes, so your transport employees show up ready to drive – not check in a book or speak to a controller.

  • Optimized routes save time and effort.

  • One-click access to rotas, scheduling, near-miss reporting.

  • Engaging social media-style newsfeeds.

  • Critical comms reach everyone, instantly.

  • Targeted communications and automated posting.

"The team's always there to solve your problems. I love Blink. Everyone loves it. We've never looked back."

Ricky Sickelmore · Stagecoach


of drivers recommend Blink

Every single driver said that they would recommend Blink to a colleague.


weekly active users

91% of Stagecoach users actively use Blink every single week.


app opens

The average amount of app opens a day.

Increase driver retention

Stop employee turnover in its tracks

Driver turnover is so high because the work is solitary; they don’t feel part of things. Blink makes them feel seen, heard and appreciated, promoting a sense of close emotional connection with your company.

  • Resolve issues faster with 1:1 and group chats.

  • Connect drivers to management and HR.

  • Uncover workforce sentiment with analytics. 

  • Reward discretionary effort and celebrate wins.

  • Get real-time feedback on what's working (or not working).

Mix and match technology

Secure, frictionless access to apps

Tired of paying for technology that no one uses? Blink connects frontline to key industry apps in seconds – without a password. Leave the dev work to us and watch adoption skyrocket. Easy!

  • Buzzing app marketplace of HR, IT and comms tools.

  • See all your apps on one dashboard.

  • Everything from niche industry tools to Microsoft 365.

  • ... All seamlessly accessible via Single Sign-On.

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