That’s where an employee communications software like Blink comes in.

Workers open Blink an average of 6 times a day. Engage workers and share information with the best employee communication app out there.

Mobile-first design anyone can use

No matter their location or their role, Blink makes it easy for workers to connect with just the screens in their pockets. It’s designed with the mobile user top of mind — all features for everyone.

Customizable feeds for teams

Blink empowers your managers to foster teamwork and personalize each experience to their needs. With features like audience filtering, chat rooms, and micro-apps, everyone can participate in their way. 

Communication without barriers

The door’s always open when you’re using Blink. Top executives and retail employees alike can interact, post, and comment. Your key messaging isn’t lost on its way down from the top — it’s shared left, right, and centre.

Engage your workforce

Among the dozens of communication apps on your employees’ phones — your organization’s mobile employee communications app should fit right in. That means an app for employee communication actually built for the modern mobile workforce. 

Blink offers a range of intuitive, cutting-edge features in an elegant, satisfying mobile design to keep your employees engaged. 

Whether in the field or the office, employees everywhere have the same access to shared files, polls, HR information, company calendars. When everyone feels they have a common goal, they are more engaged, work harder, and stay longer. c


Share photos, videos, and more

Embed rich content that inspires, informs, and engages your workers. Whether you’re creating a feed post or page, Blink empowers you to share the most exciting parts of your vision.


Customize your design

Make sure your worker’s experience flows seamlessly between on and off-line channels. Blink can be customized to your organization’s branding.

Mobile phone with example screens
Embed rich content that inspires, informs, and engages your workers. Whether you’re creating a feed post or page, Blink empowers you to share the most exciting parts of your vision.

Create Micro-apps

Whatever your organization needs help with — employee schedules, payroll, or even cafeteria menus — Blink’s micro-apps can accommodate any need.


Publish evergreen pages

Build resource pages your employees can return to again and again. Blink’s simple page builder makes it easy to craft pages with in-line documents, interactivity, and more engaging features.

Transform your culture

Workers at every level want to contribute to something larger than themselves.

To do that, employees need access to a centralized hub where they can participate in larger conversations, grow together, stay informed about your company, and foster relationships across roles. 

Blink incorporates multi-direction communication that means no one ever misses important company-wide announcements, and frontline workers are empowered to share customer insights. What results is an efficient organization that grows with its employees.

What is employee communications software?

Employee communications software is any technology that facilitates the many aspects of your employees’ digital experience. These include employee intranets, direct chats, collaboration tools, and file management systems.

What are the benefits of employee communications software?

With organizations relying on workers across locations and time zones, workforce communications tools are vital for fostering engagement and belonging. With a successful employee communication tool, workers become productive, feel happier, and have lower turnover.

Who should use employee communications software?

If you have content to share that lives in a virtual space — you should use employee communications software. Organizations large and small can benefit from tools that make the digital experience of collaborating easier and more gratifying.

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