An employee experience tool designed to give everyone in your company a voice.

Powerful, user-friendly workplace technology can change your employees’ lives. Blink empowers your workforce to be their best, so they feel like they’re making a real difference.

Reduce frustration

Blink enhances the employee experience by breaking down barriers. Your workforce can find what it needs, collaborates, and work toward clearly-defined goals.

Maximize ROI

The connection between customer and employee satisfaction is undeniable. The impact of Blink’s employee experience app can be measured in employee retention, productivity, and alignment.

Put people first

Beat the disconnect and disillusionment with an employee experience system. When your frontline, remote, and in-office employees feel engaged, they’ll want to give their all to every goal.

A better employee experience results in lower turnover.

Turnover is a huge problem across many industries, and it takes a big financial toll. Blink makes retaining top talent easier because engaged and happy employees are less likely to play the field.

Right now, your organization may have a well-defined mission that gives employees a sense of purpose. Maybe you’ve built comfortable, inviting workspaces that have good energy. But there’s one element of your employee experience strategy that’s missing: an employee experience management platform that empowers your workforce to get the job done more smoothly.

When you incorporate Blink into your organization’s technological environment, employees can find the assets they need quickly, work collaboratively regardless of where they are, and make the most of flextime policies. With an employee experience portal, they know they can contribute real value — which is much more important to promoting a positive employee experience than ping pong tables or a climbing wall.

Blink is mobile-first, so it offers a better employee experience for everyone, everywhere.

Engage your employees with an employee experience management software like Blink and see what a difference a fulfilled workforce makes.


Transparency breeds satisfaction

Employees who understand what’s expected of them thanks to Blink’s custom feeds are more connected to your organizational goals and can deliver consistent value.


Support growth in your staff

Do you give your employees time to hone their professional skills, so they grow in your organization? Share opportunities and manage course registration and attendance right within Blink.


No more interruptions

Do you really need to distract employees away from their vital tasks for yet another meeting? Blink lets you curate and disseminate information in ways that respect your workforce’s valuable time. 

Mobile phone with example screens
Employees who understand what’s expected of them thanks to Blink’s custom feeds are more connected to your organizational goals and can deliver consistent value.

Stronger connections across teams

People are happier when they can see that their ideas have value to your organization. Blink lets employees collaborate closely, within their own teams and across departments. 


Overcome communications challenges

Keeping as much information as possible in Blink’s employee app means everyone in your company can find the resources and information they need whenever and wherever they need them.


A flexible employee experience

Populate Blink with exactly what employees need most, from benefits breakdowns to client files, constructive feedback and praise, and new opportunities for teamwork.

Employee experience software that actually works

Creating an experience strategy that works — one that inspires loyalty in your top talent — isn’t easy, but neither is it impossible. Technology won’t be the answer to every employee engagement challenge, but when it comes to improving the moment-to-moment satisfaction of your workforce, an employee experience platform can go a long way toward helping you reach your goals.

Blink makes it easier to give your workforce the tools it needs to succeed, in the office and in the field.

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