"With a multi-depot organization where not every colleague has access to email, Blink is a convenient and cyber-safe method of communicating with frontline personnel and has been invaluable during the covid-19 pandemic. "

Shaun Tooth · Go East Anglia

"Blink is great for our organisation and sharing business comms, but also getting to know colleagues we wouldn't normally interact with. "

Liz Edginton · WCS Group

"Really easy communication path. "

Joanna Topglass · Dee Set

"I love it, it keeps me in touch with everything that's happening in my organization, and I feel much more connected and part of what's going on."

Suma Gill · Salutem

"Blink has revolutionized how our drivers work. It's fantastic. It's interactive. It's much, much faster. "

Eric Eijgenhuijsen · Metroline

"The team's always there to solve your problems. I love Blink. Everyone loves it. We've never looked back."

Ricky Sickelmore · Stagecoach

John Godden

"Seriously guys, what can't you do? "

John Godden · Salutem Healthcare

"We chose Blink because it’s frontline-focused, it’s mobile, and it’s all in one app. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, so it requires little or no training. And all our data is housed safely."

Jennifer Saksida, Leadership and Culture Manager · Allity Aged Care

"Exceptional. We've seen great feedback in terms of engagement. The frontline workers now express themselves which we never saw before. An amazing bit of kit!"

Leon Roche · Domino's

"Blink helps us solve internal issues by bringing them to the surface in the first place. "

Don Keigher · GFSL

"Giving people comfort and direction in the palm of their hand is just magic. If we go into lockdown again tomorrow, we're safe in the knowledge we can calm the team with Blink. "

Sandy Hodge · Horizon Energy Group

"Blink are going to change the transport industry forever. The app is so simple, it can transform your workforce and improve engagement so quickly. "

Brittany Schlacter · The Rapid

"It helps keep our employees engaged and informed, allowing everyone to have a voice, and it seems to help boost employee morale. Honestly, we have zero complaints!"

Sarah Layman · Liberty Point Behavioral Healthcare

"Super easy to set up and use! The team at Blink are always quick to respond, listen to feedback and suggestions for future features. "

Azelea Cheung · Get Living

"Blink is a gamechanger. Its uses are limitless. 10/10. "

Ilko Tsanev · Logiforce

"While I've been on furlough Blink has been a Godsend. It keeps me up to date on all news from my colleagues who are still working. All management is involved. including the MD. Really easy to use."

Neil Kincaid · Cardiff Bus

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